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Video: 1984 Fuji International Speedway 250km

I found this very good amateur video of the 1984 Fuji Gran Championship at Fuji International Speedway where a bunch of Sunny B110s, Sunny B310s, Starlet KP61s and first generations Honda Civics battled the TSA class 250km race. The competition is fierce and you can enjoy an 8 minutes spectacle of bumps, spins and drifts:

BTW: at 3:37 an unidentified car is going through the corner on 3 wheels. Anyone got an idea what car it is?

Direct link to video: ’84富士GC第2戦 マイナーツーリングレース Bコーナーでのアクシデント


  1. kyteler

    That car is just another of the many KB310 Sunny Coupes that are competing. Speaking of KB310 Sunny Coupes, I will have one of my own in the not too distant future. I got my brother to buy it as an interim car while his VB110 and S30Z are off the road, once he gets his VB110 back, I’ll be getting the KB310.

  2. banpei

    I see it now. Thanks!
    A KB310 as a temporary car? Nice! :)

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