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Friday Video: Keiichi Tsuchiyas old drift cars

We all know that Keiichi Tsuchiya loves his kouki Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 drift car, but did you know he owned a couple of other legendary cars before that? For instance this Nissan Skyline 2000GT GC10?
Keiichi Tsuchiya's Nissan Skyline GT GC10
In this Best Motoring video Keiichi Tsuchiya explains what cars he used privately to tear up the touges: a Nissan Skyline 2000GT GC10, a Nissan Sunny 1200 GX5 B110, a Toyota Starlet S KP61 and a Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-V AE86.

Nissan Skyline 2000GT GC10

The first part is covering the Nissan Skyline 2000GT GC10: Continue reading

Ebay treasures: Toyota Starlet KP61 V8 racecar

Now this is a real treasure: a Toyota Starlet KP61 Silhouette racecar for only a mere 3999 euro!
Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

As you can see the bugeye Starlet got a lot of plastic surgery: widened (group 5?) fenders, a huge front air dam, an insanely big wing on the hatch and a dogbone Escort grille.

On the side profile you can still make out the cars original silhouette:
Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

So it could very well be a Silhouette Racer! :D

Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

Looking at all the options included, apart from the (way too small) Minilite wheels, I’d say it is a pretty good deal:
– 4.2 V8
– roll cage
– fully adjustable suspension
– AP racing calipers
– Aluminum bucket seat
Now the big question remains: what engine would be hiding under that little bonnet?

Found at [B.M.S. @ Marktplaats]

Video: 1984 Fuji International Speedway 250km

I found this very good amateur video of the 1984 Fuji Gran Championship at Fuji International Speedway where a bunch of Sunny B110s, Sunny B310s, Starlet KP61s and first generations Honda Civics battled the TSA class 250km race. The competition is fierce and you can enjoy an 8 minutes spectacle of bumps, spins and drifts:

BTW: at 3:37 an unidentified car is going through the corner on 3 wheels. Anyone got an idea what car it is?

Direct link to video: ’84富士GC第2戦 マイナーツーリングレース Bコーナーでのアクシデント

Motor-fan Magazine Starlet KP61 bugeye

Back in the 70s when image-rights were more expensive than a drawing made by an artist the magazines still featured very beautiful renderings of the latest models, just like this 1978 Starlet KP61 drawn for motor-fan magazine:
Motor-fan Magazine Starlet bugeye
Motor-fan Magazine Starlet bugeye

Personally I do believe a well drawn rendering is in most cases way better than a photoshoot that just didn’t work out…
Of course it can not compare to pictures taken by a skillful master! ;)

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