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Random: Tortoise (KP61) and the hare (AE86)

I found this picture on Karl Alexander’s facebook wall and it put a smile on my face. The Tortoise and the hare, the Starlet and the Trueno:
Tortoise (KP61) and the hare (AE86)
Tortoise (KP61) and the hare (AE86)


  1. Arielis

    I think that it is a stamp on a T-shirt. Can we find this somewhere?

  2. banpei

    I found the source: it is Gabriel Tyler’s (Techno Toy Tuning) wife company who makes them:
    But their website is offline. :(
    I did find this:
    So at least a preview. ;)

  3. Nigel

    Starlets and 86’s on a shirt are cool…difficult to find cool shirts these days.

  4. JLall

    ebay ebay ebay !

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