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Happy Easter with the Suzuki Lapin!

I wish you a happy Easter with one of the cutest cars by Suzuki: the Lapin! Lapin means rabbit or bunny in French, so now you know the connection with the Easter bunny!

Suzuki Lapin HE21 in 2002
Suzuki Lapin HE21 in 2002

Lapin history

The Suzuki Lapin was launched in 2002 as a cubical kei car based on the underpinnings of the Suzuki Alto. It also got sold as the Mazda Spanio under the Autozam flag, but that car is less interesting as it’s just a rebadged version of the Lapin.

Rabbit accents everywhere!

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Random: manufacturing the MR2 AW11

I found this scanned photo of robots assembling MR2 AW11s on someone’s SW20 blog:
Manufacturing the Toyota MR2 AW11
On the foreground one partly assembled MR2 upsidedown and behind it a better recognizable MR2 that already received 60% of its shape.

I’ve tried finding more pictures of the MR2 assembly line, but apparently this is the only one.

Found at Minkara

What does this kyusha lineup have in common?

A yonmeri Skyline C110, a facelifted first generation Celica, a Mistubishi Galant GTO, another facelifted first generation Celica and finally a first generation Mazda Savanna RX-7. What does this kyusha lineup have in common? Well, appart from the owners being in the same car club obviously…

Simple: they all have fender mirrors! Just look how much more beautiful these cars get when you realize they all feature them!

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