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Random: manufacturing the MR2 AW11

I found this scanned photo of robots assembling MR2 AW11s on someone’s SW20 blog: On the foreground one partly assembled MR2 upsidedown and behind it a better recognizable MR2 that already received 60% of its shape. I’ve tried finding more pictures of the MR2 assembly line, but apparently this is the only one. Found at…

My younger brother Laurel

At least, that’s what the Skyline R30’s owner must have thought. The Skyline R30 shared its underpinnings with the Laurel C31, so that makes the C32 parked next to this R30 its younger brother. Found at MS1122

So this is what a pack of (K)PGC10 sounds like!

That were my exact thoughts when I watched this video of the New Year drive of a classic Nissan owners club! As a teaser before the video, this is what a KPGC10 and PGC10 traffic jam looks like: The video was shot while the pack was exiting a parkinglot near Ichihara. (video on the next…

Fifteen years ago: yellow Hachiroku

Fifteen years ago this yellow Sprinter Trueno AE86 GT Apex was king of the mountain and the Honda in front of it king of the desert! Now which one would you choose as your daily transportation? Minkara

What does this kyusha lineup have in common?

A yonmeri Skyline C110, a facelifted first generation Celica, a Mistubishi Galant GTO, another facelifted first generation Celica and finally a first generation Mazda Savanna RX-7. What does this kyusha lineup have in common? Well, appart from the owners being in the same car club obviously… Simple: they all have fender mirrors! Just look how…

Random: AE86 lips on a KE70 wagon

Adding the zenki Levin AE86 bumper and lip were a very good improvement by the owner of this KE70 wagon. Corolla KE70 wagon with zenki AE86 bumper+lip Even the original Apex Twin Cam seats and the panda paint scheme seems to be a nice fit! 😛 Found at Diary of sardines with your Hachiroku