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Ebay treasures: Toyota Starlet KP61 V8 racecar

Now this is a real treasure: a Toyota Starlet KP61 Silhouette racecar for only a mere 3999 euro!
Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

As you can see the bugeye Starlet got a lot of plastic surgery: widened (group 5?) fenders, a huge front air dam, an insanely big wing on the hatch and a dogbone Escort grille.

On the side profile you can still make out the cars original silhouette:
Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

So it could very well be a Silhouette Racer! :D

Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

Looking at all the options included, apart from the (way too small) Minilite wheels, I’d say it is a pretty good deal:
– 4.2 V8
– roll cage
– fully adjustable suspension
– AP racing calipers
– Aluminum bucket seat
Now the big question remains: what engine would be hiding under that little bonnet?

Found at [B.M.S. @ Marktplaats]


  1. Nigel

    Or how much of the engine is just on the drivers side of the firewall ??

  2. banpei

    No idea. :D
    The person who placed the ad refused to answer my emails and I didn’t bother to call him back since I’m not interested in actually buying it. ;)

  3. Killua

    The engine is most probably a Rover V8 from a late 90s Range Rover. Not sure how popular those Rover engines are in the Netherlands, but they always find a way to get into small and crazy cars. :P

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