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A tired workhorse: Nissan Sunny B310 van – Down on the Street

I was under the impression I posted this Nissan Sunny B310 van a long time ago, but apparently, I didn’t! I photographed it over 12 years ago and it has been sitting idle on my backup drive for an almost equal amount of time.

Nissan Sunny B310 van
Nissan Sunny B310 van

Spotting the Sunny van

I spotted this Sunny B310 van being parked near my garage, but back in 2011, I didn’t rent that space yet. It must have been one of my long bicycle journeys that took me past this van and I decided to take a photograph of it. The photo isn’t skewed, but the road is actually sloping down to the right. I kept the houses in the background horizontal to create this skewed effect. I really liked the amount of fog- and auxiliary-lights on this car and also the two slats on the grill painted in gold!

Stolen camera gear

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Video: 1984 Fuji International Speedway 250km

I found this very good amateur video of the 1984 Fuji Gran Championship at Fuji International Speedway where a bunch of Sunny B110s, Sunny B310s, Starlet KP61s and first generations Honda Civics battled the TSA class 250km race. The competition is fierce and you can enjoy an 8 minutes spectacle of bumps, spins and drifts:

BTW: at 3:37 an unidentified car is going through the corner on 3 wheels. Anyone got an idea what car it is?

Direct link to video: ’84富士GC第2戦 マイナーツーリングレース Bコーナーでのアクシデント

32 year old vintage racing videos

One of the blogs I started following recently found these really great vintage racing videos shot at 29th of may 1977 at Tsubaka. That means they are 32 years + 4 days old and contain a huge amount of classic JDM tin doing laps on Tsubaka.

First of all this impressive TS cup:

A lot of good dogfights can be seen in this video! Next to the ubiquitous Nissan Sunny B310s you can spot several first generation Honda Civics, a Mazda RX3 Familia and I also spotted a Corolla TE37 among them!

The next video is the T-EX cup:

This cup contains about the same cars as the TS cup, but then all the drivers are amateurs. Also the cars are a bit less exciting: a Familia racing in that cup clearly isn’t a RX3 but a 808 Familia. Same probably applies to the ubiquitous Sunnys, Publicas and Corollas racing this cup. This video is the most fun to watch: driving on cheap tires makes them skid around the corners!

Last video is the womens race:

Too bad only four female drivers were competing, otherwise it would have been much more fun to watch! Now it is basically two chicks fighting and the other two coming up from behind…

I found the videos at Beeoneoneoh’s blog. If you liked these videos you probably also like his blog! :)

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