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Down on the Street: Honda Civic S

I already spotted that the owner of the Honda Accord mk2 didn’t use it regularly anymore, but earlier this week I also noticed this little red 1982 Honda Civic Sport creeping between a couple of the black poles marking the pavement from the parkinglot:
Honda Civic S
Yes indeed: clever parking when all spots are taken. You can’t do that with modern cars anymore!
In the pictures here it was properly parked btw. ;)

Also after seeing the car up close it I vaguely remembered it:
Honda Civic S
I already spotted it at the Japan Classic Sunday this year but was too late to take a proper photo of the car. I guess the owner must be both a real Honda and JDM classic fanatic!

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  1. Roberto González Galván

    Hola buenos días , yo tengo un Civic como el rojo y me gustaría convertir repuestos y accesorios , si me pueden ayudar se los agradezco, un saludo

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