Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Japanese rustoseums (part fourtytwo)

Now this is a sad case as this Carina is not rusting…
Japanese Rustoseums Toyota Carina AA63

You can clearly see some foliage growing out of the car where ever the plants can make their way to a more sunny spot, so why not just take the hole in the transmission tunnel as the quickest way out?
Japanese Rustoseums Toyota Carina AA63
It is just shocking to see a Carina in this dreadful state…

More shocking is what’s under the bonnet:
Japanese Rustoseums Toyota Carina AA63
It appears to be a 4A-GZE, so this baby was once supercharged… Such a waste of a perfectly fine Carina AA63 GT-R!

Found at Team Tekno


  1. edison

    Wasn’t this one?

    • banpei

      Great find but I don’t think they are the same. The one crashing has black side mouldings and the other one is red.

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