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Carina Sightings: Toyota Carina AA63 Coupe

I don’t know exactly what it is, but this Toyota Carina AA63 Coupe is one of my favorite Carinas so far:
Carina Sightings best Coupe ever!
Even though this Carina coupe features the single headlights and the original seats have been replaced by a Bride set I still think it looks awesome!
Perhaps it is the dished rims (anyone know what type/manufacturer they are?) or maybe the side skirts? Or maybe both of them combined remind me of the AE86? (and the Carina being the better looker here! ;) )

Found at Minkara

Carina sightings: Carina AA63 versus Evo II

I did post some videos of kinloud before, but I just stumbled upon a video of his Carina in 2006:

It looks like the same AA63 he is currently driving but this one has got a 3SGE under its bonnet. As expected you can see his Carina can’t keep up with the Evo when accelerating but it surely doesn’t loose sight of the Evo. Also later on you can see the Carina stay behind on the straight parts of the track. However in cornering it is clear that the Carina has the better setup and I must say his own driving skills don’t lack much either! :)

Flyrat car company

Last week Beeoneoneoh posted some very beautiful pictures and info about a Nissan Sunny Excellent k120Y PB210:
Nissan Sunny 120Y PB210
Nissan Sunny 120Y PB210

And there was something about those pictures… I could not pinpoint what it was… Until he posted these beautiful pictures and info on a Nissan Cherry 100A X-1R:
Nissan Cherry 100a X-1R
Nissan Cherry 100a X-1R

It was the exact same location as the Carina Sighting of the almost mint TA63 GT-TR:
Toyota Carina TA63 GT-TR at Flyrat!
Toyota Carina TA63 GT-TR at Flyrat!

I never took notice of the name of the dealer who sold that particular Carina, but it remained in the back of my head somehow… :D
Damn, I think I have another car dealer to follow now! ;)

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