Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Flyrat car company

Last week Beeoneoneoh posted some very beautiful pictures and info about a Nissan Sunny Excellent k120Y PB210:
Nissan Sunny 120Y PB210
Nissan Sunny 120Y PB210

And there was something about those pictures… I could not pinpoint what it was… Until he posted these beautiful pictures and info on a Nissan Cherry 100A X-1R:
Nissan Cherry 100a X-1R
Nissan Cherry 100a X-1R

It was the exact same location as the Carina Sighting of the almost mint TA63 GT-TR:
Toyota Carina TA63 GT-TR at Flyrat!
Toyota Carina TA63 GT-TR at Flyrat!

I never took notice of the name of the dealer who sold that particular Carina, but it remained in the back of my head somehow… :D
Damn, I think I have another car dealer to follow now! ;)

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