Down on the Street: little red Mitsubishi FTO

About one year ago I spotted this Mitsubishi FTO in my rear view mirror and when I drove home from work after picking up my brand new Civic I spotted the little red FTO parked on the side of a street:
Down on the Street: Mitsubishi FTO
Of course I could not let it pass, parked my car alongside and started taking snapshots. The old guy in the photo was not related to the car and had no idea to who it belonged nor was he impressed when I told it the car was actually quite special.

Even though the FTO is the little FWD brother of the Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT it is a design of its own:
Down on the Street: Mitsubishi FTO
This FTO left the factory early 1995 and was imported into the Netherlands in March 2011. Apparently I was lucky to catch it because, according to the RDW (Dutch car registry), only one week after the FTO changed owner.

The car appears to be in a color that Mitsubishi calls Passion Red. I bet the current owner certainly has a passion for it.
Down on the Street: Mitsubishi FTO
The interior was spotless and the car still looks marvellous! The new owner can consider himself/herself very lucky!