Video: LHD Nissan Skyline 240K in Kuwait

Video: LHD Nissan Skyline 240K in Kuwait

There have been only a few places around the world that actually got LHD Nissan Skylines during the late 60s and 70s: (some countries in) Europe and the Middle East. Most Europeans did not care very much for Japanese cars and our climate isn’t that friendly to them either, so guess where you can find them nowadays…
LHD Nissan Skyline in Kuwait
Bingo! 😉

In the Middle East the rust monster leaves them alone and their only thread is a bunch of Kuwaitis hooning a couple of LHD Datsun 240K C110s and C210s:

I really envy them!

Direct link to video: VOL5 LHD DATSUN SKYLINE 240K GT 2013

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  1. Finland got quite a few new Datsun 240K´s back in the 70´s. Have been reading many stories about some rich Saudis etc. buyng them for a lot of money to the Middle east etc.. :´(

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