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Datsun 240K GT sedan C110 bridging the gap in Düsseldorf – Family Album Treasures

Today’s Family Album Treasure Datsun 240K GT C110 isn’t part of someone’s family album. That’s because it’s an official press photo by Nissan/Datsun Germany! And the amazement over this photo doesn’t stop there either as I have so many questions about it! Let’s start to unravel this mystery photo!

Datsun 240K GT HGLC110 - Nissan GMBH press photo
Datsun 240K GT HGLC110 – Nissan GMBH press photo

Datsun 240K GT HGLC110

Let’s begin with the Datsun 240K GT, this car is actually a left-hand-drive export model of the Nissan Skyline C110. The trim level is mostly similar to the Japanese GT, but thanks to not being obstructed by engine capacity taxation, it features the larger 2.4 litre L24 engine. HGLC110 is the official code for this particular C110. Another major difference is the location of the steering wheel and the driver seat. These are now on the left side of the car. This makes this car super rare as there were only a few thousand in left-hand-drive produced.

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Video: LHD Nissan Skyline 240K in Kuwait

There have been only a few places around the world that actually got LHD Nissan Skylines during the late 60s and 70s: (some countries in) Europe and the Middle East. Most Europeans did not care very much for Japanese cars and our climate isn’t that friendly to them either, so guess where you can find them nowadays…
LHD Nissan Skyline in Kuwait
Bingo! ;)

In the Middle East the rust monster leaves them alone and their only thread is a bunch of Kuwaitis hooning a couple of LHD Datsun 240K C110s and C210s: Continue reading

WTF: another rare Datsun 240K GT on Marktplaats?

A few weeks ago I posted about this Datsun 240K GT, so my heart skipped another beat when I spotted this ad on Marktplaats (Dutch auction site) today:
Datsun 240K GT on Marktplaats
Datsun 240K GT on Marktplaats

But immediately I spotted that it was actually a wanted ad and not a sales ad. Apparently ssaam, hf4ever, Sam and serdaraydintr did not spot it that difference easily…

BTW: I’ll post the interesting example pictures from the ad later this week.

For sale: beautiful Datsun 240K GT C110

Notice 2021: This Datsun 240K GT advertisement was over 10 years ago! It’s no use leaving a comment or emailing me if it’s still for sale!

The Doctor sent me about a week ago a link to a Belgian auction site. When I clicked on it my heart skipped a beat: there was a genuine Belgian Datsun 240K for sale! As some of you might know: the Datsun 240K GT is basically a Nissan Skyline C110 with a L24 engine!
Datsun 240K C110 for sale
Datsun 240K C110 for sale

When I looked at the biddings I immediately saw it was far beyond reach for me: the highest bid was already at 12000 euros (16500 US dollars).

Apart from the 280ZX rims it appears to be completely original:
Datsun 240K C110 for sale
Datsun 240K C110 for sale

I must add that the original wheels are not that beautiful, but if these 280ZX rims are fitted the Skyline C110 should be lowered a few inches as well. ;)

Judging from the thick layer of durst the 240K must have been a barn-find and most importantly the interior appears to have survived the time machine!
Datsun 240K C110 for sale
Datsun 240K C110 for sale

The seller states that it could easily be transformed into a GT-R, probably to boost the sales price. That last part was apparently very successful.

You can find the auction here

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