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For sale: beautiful Datsun 240K GT C110

Notice 2021: This Datsun 240K GT advertisement was over 10 years ago! It’s no use leaving a comment or emailing me if it’s still for sale!

The Doctor sent me about a week ago a link to a Belgian auction site. When I clicked on it my heart skipped a beat: there was a genuine Belgian Datsun 240K for sale! As some of you might know: the Datsun 240K GT is basically a Nissan Skyline C110 with a L24 engine!
Datsun 240K C110 for sale
Datsun 240K C110 for sale

When I looked at the biddings I immediately saw it was far beyond reach for me: the highest bid was already at 12000 euros (16500 US dollars).

Apart from the 280ZX rims it appears to be completely original:
Datsun 240K C110 for sale
Datsun 240K C110 for sale

I must add that the original wheels are not that beautiful, but if these 280ZX rims are fitted the Skyline C110 should be lowered a few inches as well. ;)

Judging from the thick layer of durst the 240K must have been a barn-find and most importantly the interior appears to have survived the time machine!
Datsun 240K C110 for sale
Datsun 240K C110 for sale

The seller states that it could easily be transformed into a GT-R, probably to boost the sales price. That last part was apparently very successful.

You can find the auction here


  1. khalid

    its really a good car and i want to have more pictures and more information about prices. im waiting for your answer.

  2. banpei

    The car is not mine and has been sold half a year ago.

  3. Brett

    Nice car. I have a 73 240k coupe for sale if anyone interested. It is fully engineered with 350 chev. Turbo 350 trans. B and m shifter dual stainless exhaust. R31 diff plus alloy mags. Ready for paint. No rust. Everything there and in very good condition. Open to offers

    • tariq

      iwant to see your car pic and ware are you from

      • banpei

        Well the car isn’t mine, but I’m from the Netherlands.

    • MAjed

      Do you still have the 240k for sale ?

      If so, you can contact me back on [email protected]

    • Anthony Newham

      Im interested. Still available???

  4. QJin

    @Brett email me the info of your car (highly interested)
    [email protected]

  5. alawi

    Hala if the car is for sale Please contact by email

  6. Naser

    Hello … i want buy your car c110 and all parts for c110 c210 c211 .. so please connect with me on [email protected] [email protected] thanks

  7. Hamad

    I am looking for one. Please send me an email if you have one or you know some body is welling to sell.
    [email protected]

  8. Abdulnaser

    If u still have the car for sale plz email me

  9. Hamad

    I am interested in your nissan Datsun 240kgt please let me know if you still have the car
    Thank you

    • banpei

      Unfortunately it is not my car and I was not selling it either. I guess it sold to someone abroad as the bidding was already very high after only a few days.

  10. fawazalazmi

    I would like to purchase

  11. Hamad

    I am very much interested in your car

  12. Fawaz

    Hi ;)
    Nice car
    If it still there send email plz or anybody how have c110

  13. ar

    Contact me please

  14. Nwag

    iwant this any praic

  15. Nwag

    ليسَ كافياً أن نسمَع كلاماً جميلاً معسولاً دون أن نراهُ مُتوجاً بالبذل والتّضحية ،هُراء الصمت أحبّ إلينا من بعض الكلام !

  16. Saleh Almarri

    I need buy this

  17. khatchik

    Do you still have the LHD 240K C110 for sale?

    • banpei

      As I wrote in an earlier comment on the page it is not my car and the seller probably sold the car somewhere in 2010…

      • khatchik

        Do you think that he might still have the car for sale? Or could it still be in your area?

  18. Khaled

    Hello everyone anyone still have the LHD 240K C110 for sale Communicates with me
    [email protected]

  19. Khaled

    I’m looking for Skyline 240K for sale

  20. Shubber

    Good evening ,
    I am from Hamburg
    I want buy this car from you
    Contact me please

    [email protected]

  21. Ahmed

    I would like to buy this car
    Contact me please
    [email protected]

  22. Grant Knowles

    I have a 240k gl for sale
    Australian though
    [email protected]

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