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WTF: ATS Cup rims on an AE86?

Sometimes you google on something and after pressing enter you realise you actually shouldn’t have done that. One of my searches regarding the Hungarian Civic on ATS Cup rims was one of them… I ended up finding this:
USDM Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 with ATS Cup rims
USDM meets JDM meets Euro Veedub?

BTW: Now there is nothing wrong with fitting a USDM Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 with a JDM bumper and replacing the factory pizzacutters with a set dished rims! Its just that over here in Europe it is a quite strange choice of wheels…

Via Ectoyotas


  1. Rey Santiago

    Is this toyota wheels bolt pattern 4 x 114.3 and if so how you fit this wheels when they only come in 4 x 100?

    • banpei

      To be honest: I wouldn’t know. I found the picture and was equally shocked it featured on a hachi. :)

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