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WTF: ATS Cup rims on an AE86?

Sometimes you google on something and after pressing enter you realise you actually shouldn’t have done that. One of my searches regarding the Hungarian Civic on ATS Cup rims was one of them… I ended up finding this:
USDM Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 with ATS Cup rims
USDM meets JDM meets Euro Veedub?

BTW: Now there is nothing wrong with fitting a USDM Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 with a JDM bumper and replacing the factory pizzacutters with a set dished rims! Its just that over here in Europe it is a quite strange choice of wheels…

Via Ectoyotas

Down on the Street: last Hungarian Honda Civic EK

This actually isn’t the last of the Honda Civics I spotted in Hungary, but it will be the last one I’ll share. Maybe it has been some sort of foreboding spotting that many Civics? Anyway, the others were, I guess, less interesting… Now this Honda Civic EK is interesting:
Down on the Street: Honda Civic EK
As you might have spotted it features ATS Cup rims and double exhaust pipes which are obviously not very JDMish. Correct: it actually is very Veedubbish (or VWish) and most of the tuned cars in Hungrary are done in this style. I even spotted and photographed a flushed Civic EG that made me think Honda could actually have been originating from Germany, but not worth sharing as the car was a WIP.

So what if the rims actually belong to a Golf? To be honest: the whole BBS style rims on JDM cars originated from the BMW scene, so why not a set of ATSes?
Down on the Street: Honda Civic EK
So what do you think about these mix and match styles?

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