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Down on the Street: little red Mitsubishi FTO

About one year ago I spotted this Mitsubishi FTO in my rear view mirror and when I drove home from work after picking up my brand new Civic I spotted the little red FTO parked on the side of a street: Of course I could not let it pass, parked my car alongside and started…

Friday video: junkyard stroll in Japan

We all see half of Japan’s car inventory being sold as secondhand to the rest of the world through various auction platforms. So that would lead us to the conclusion that Japan’s junkyards must be quite empty and deserted… WRONG! Just have a look at this video where someone takes a stroll at a (unknown)…

Commercial time: Mitsubishi Galant GTO Hip Up Coupe

Back in the 70s Mitsubishis best selling car was the Galant. About every model in their lineup was a Galant: Galant Lambda, Galant Sigma, Galant FTO and lets not forget the 1970 Galant GTO! The commercial has excellent styling and jazzy music. The Hip up coupé sounds catchy and it is extra newwwwww!!!