Friday video: junkyard stroll in Japan

Friday video: junkyard stroll in Japan

We all see half of Japan’s car inventory being sold as secondhand to the rest of the world through various auction platforms. So that would lead us to the conclusion that Japan’s junkyards must be quite empty and deserted…

WRONG! Just have a look at this video where someone takes a stroll at a (unknown) Japanese junkyard:

I love the detail that the first Crown, the fourth Crown (Majesta) and the first and third Cedric Y32 still have the knitted/embroided traditional headrest covers in place! Also that the second Crown Super Saloon has a full width front bench in place. And what also strikes me is that most of them are largely intact with the keys still in the ignition!
And last but not least: seeing the pristine Cedric 430, Mitsubishi GTO, Nissan Leopard F31 (not about the other Leopard), Nissan Laurel C35, Nissan Skyline R33 GTS4 in such a dreadful state almost brought tears in my eyes…

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