I found this awesome Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse video by accident on Youtube. The creator is called Ruslan and judging from the numberplates (correct me if I’m wrong here!) he is from the Ukraine.
Carina Sightings: Ruslan's Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse
The timelapse video shows you how to plough through Ukrainian traffic in a Toyota Carina AA60 coupe. What especially is nice about the video is that his coupe has the optional digital dashboard and you can see it function very nicely. It looks just as awesome (and 80s) as the digital dashboard on the AE86 and Celica XX/Celica Supra.

You can watch Ruslan’s Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse video below:

There are three questions that pop in my head.
Firstly: his left mirror is positioned very oddly: just as if he wants to keep track of the traffic in two lanes to the left. It doesn’t look right and not like it is meant to compensate for driving right hand drive in a left hand drive country.
Secondly: where did this RHD Japanese Carina come from? Was it with the original batch of Toyotas that were exported to Krivoy Rog city in 1982? Or has it been imported in the past few years?
Thirdly: which door is open or is his door switch broken? edit: I just double checked. That’s where the door check light is on analogue clusters, but on the digital cluster there is a double row of check lights and the left bottom one is the fuel warning light. The check light on the dashboard continues to be lit throughout the whole video. ;)

Ruslan’s Youtube video page also contains a few other nice JDM oriented videos like the Shakotan meeting, so do check out his videos! (or subscribe)

Direct link to video: Timelapse Toyota Carina AA60 Coupe