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Family Album Treasures: Ken & Mary Skyline R30

The Ken & Mary Skyline advertisements from the 70s made a really huge impact on the Japanese youngsters of the 70s. Both Ken and Mary became icons and so did the umbrella icon. Not surprisingly the Japanese baby-boomers love to pose in front of a Nissan Skyline C110 (kenmeri) with a red umbrella. In this case the car is slightly different: a Nissan Skyline R30!
Family Album Treasures: Ken & Mary Nissan Skyline R30
I have to be honest here: I don’t know the origin from this photo, when it was taken, no idea who is in the photo and why she decided to be there. But what is for sure is that a person called Jing found the photo and added it to his Skyline pictures album.

Found at Jing’s Skyline photos


  1. Ash

    This photo originates from Australia, judging by the number plate its probably from the state of Victoria.

    You can tell from the P plate in the windshield which shows the driver is a novice (17-20 year olds).

    Next to the P plate you can see the registration sticker that is blue. Every year the sticker changed color until they got rid of it in 2013. So it will be quite easy to pin point what year this was taken in. Im guessing around 2010?.

    • Ash

      Ps. Another fun fact, the R30 and R31 were produced locally in Australia for the AUDM market.

      • banpei

        Thanks for the information! :)
        I thought only the R31 was produced in Australia… But may the R31 only stuck because of the RB30 engine. :P

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