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Friday Video: Honda City Turbo II races!

Over a year ago I posted a picture of a Honda City Turbo II racecar. Today I have a couple of videos for you where these little bulldogs get in close combat on the circuit!
Honda City Turbo II races

First of all this great video of the John Player Special Honda City Turbo II trophy race:

Sorry for the bad quality but that’s mostly due to someone copying a really ancient VHS cassette (or even Betamax?) and uploading it to Youtube.

At 2:48 you can see how the camera car (quite fancy for that time) can lose everything in one split second:

The car in front clearly tries to defend his line, moves to the left and the driver of the camera car attempts to evade a collision. He then loses control, goes sideways and rolls over and even manages to limp back to the pit lane.

The third video is a lot of fun: you can basically see these little Honda City Turbo II cars do bumper-cars style maneuvers.

Weird how the 68 car can go head on with the guard rail (and boxes) and just bounce back and continue its race. These race cars were really sturdy!

Direct link to videos: JPS TrophyRace HONDA CITY TURBOⅡ, シティブルドッグレース 1984松田秀士 1985中谷明彦 and

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  1. Graham Clayton

    Some great footage here – City turbo racing was pretty popular in Japan in the 1980’s.

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