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DOTS: Mysterious old racecar

This mysterious old racecar wasn’t particularly Down on the Street, it was more or less on a roof:
Mysterious old racecar
Mysterious old racecar

I passed it several times when I went to work on a different route but never actually took the time to have a good look at it. It really looks like a small old racecar from the early 50s.

But this time I had a better look at it and brought along my camera. As you can see from this angle there is a figure sitting in it:
Mysterious old racecar
Mysterious old racecar

Eventhough I do think some original parts (e.g. shocks and such) were used it is probably a sculpture! ;)

video: Honda City Bulldog close escape

My interest in the Honda City Bulldog hasn’t died out yet. What about this Bulldog doing a close escape during a Bulldog cup race?

Amazing how much that car can withstand! It is doing a full roll @2:48, survives it and the driver even recovers the car from the gravel and returns to the pit without much trouble! That’s one sturdy car! I want one now! ;)

Kei-car fun!

I found this video about a historical kei-car race some time ago on youtube. The drivers are having a lot of fun with their kei-cars in the rain and it does have a lot of action in it!

The race is viewed from a Suzuki Fronte Coupe (better known as the Cervo outside Japan) and since this car is a RR setup the driver really has problems finding enough grip in this race. He isn’t the only one: another car has crashed into the wall at 0:52. And at 2:30 he almost knocks off his rear view mirror while recovering from going sideways and at 2:49 when he barely avoids collision with a Subaru R-2 spinning around!

Who said old kei-cars are no fun at all? ;)

Vintage Skylines

Ekhatch posted these two beautiful vintage Skylines:
Two vintage Nissan Skyline KPGC10 racecars
Two vintage Nissan Skyline KPGC10 racecars

At first I thought they were driving side by side on Fuji Speedway banking however water drains at the top of a banking do not make sense. When I opened the larger image it became clear that they are standing in the paddock and the picture was taken from somewhere above the paddock. Fooled by the sloping and the thumbnail I guess. ;)

Anyway, it is one of the most beautiful pictures I seen for a while! :)

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