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These Honda City Turbo prices are madness! – Classic valuations

Only a few days ago I posted the incredibly scary crash video of a Honda City. Lately, I haven’t been paying attention to the classic valuations of anything other than an AE86 or Carina A60. Understand my huge surprise when someone (Emin) sent a Honda City Turbo II for sale in Düsseldorf. The asking price? A mere 69,000 euros! (Or 74,000 dollars)

Honda City Turbo II for sale in Düsseldorf for 69K euros
Honda City Turbo II for sale in Düsseldorf for 69K euros

Okay, it’s one of the best City Turbo IIs on the market and has only driven 9000 kilometres. It’s completely bone stock and even features the original disk wheels.

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Carina Sightings: Carina A6 Coupe pace car

I still can’t let go the Honda City so I was browsing some blogs and videos about the Honda City and came across this nice video:

You can see some early 80s action on the track in the wet!
During the take off you can see a yellow pace car at 22 seconds and 34 which looks very much like a Carina Coupe. Its front lights are square, rear lights are long and wide and its boot has a tiny flat spot. So I think this pace car must be a Carina A6 Coupe.

To keep up with these small Honda City turbos it most probably must have been the TA63 with the 3T-GTE engine. The 4AGE would not be quick enough to follow them: a City turbo racing spec did the 1/4 mile in 13.5 seconds!

As a bonus, another start of a Honda City race and this time it is really spectacular:

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