I still can’t let go the Honda City so I was browsing some blogs and videos about the Honda City and came across this nice video:

You can see some early 80s action on the track in the wet!
During the take off you can see a yellow pace car at 22 seconds and 34 which looks very much like a Carina Coupe. Its front lights are square, rear lights are long and wide and its boot has a tiny flat spot. So I think this pace car must be a Carina A6 Coupe.

To keep up with these small Honda City turbos it most probably must have been the TA63 with the 3T-GTE engine. The 4AGE would not be quick enough to follow them: a City turbo racing spec did the 1/4 mile in 13.5 seconds!

As a bonus, another start of a Honda City race and this time it is really spectacular: