The crash video of the 1985 Honda City below is only 3 seconds long and it must be one of the shortest videos you can find on Youtube! Regardless of this, the three seconds (and video description) contain a lot of information. So let’s dissect that information!

First of all, the title is “1985 Honda Jazz (City) crash test” and that gives us the information that either the car is a 1985-model, or the crash test was performed in 1985. I think the former may be true as there is a timestamp in the video that reads 21-12-1999, which indicates the test might have been performed on the 21st of December 1999.

1985 Honda Jazz crash test and 1999 timestamp
1985 Honda Jazz crash test and 1999 timestamp

Judging from the date format, this is not a German of French test. The only countries to use this date format in Europe are the UK, The Netherlands and Spain. In the description it reads “Pole crash test at 56km/h“. 56 kilometers per hour is a very odd number, but it converts to a nice round 35 miles per hour. This means the test is probably conducted by the UK Department for Transport.

Now let’s watch the clip below:

Just imagine sitting inside that Honda Jazz. The whole front is just smashed inwards and sits flat with where the windshield used to be. You just didn’t have a chance to survive the impact of that pole! Generally I’m not a proponent of modern cars, but car safety has come a long way! Yet still, I would still love to own a Honda Jazz and drive is occasionally to meetings and such.