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Commercial Time: German Honda City ad

We all know the Honda City is a great car and even the British band Madness agreed with that. Even in Germany they agreed, however they all got it wrong in Germany! First of all the Honda City is called the Honda Jazz in Europe because some German car company (Opel) complained that people would…

Irian Jaya: Jazzy Honda

On route from Jayapura to the lake Sentani we made a short stop in the outer corner of a hairpin to refresh ourselves by drinking out of a freshly prepared coconut. Parked next to our van was this Honda Jazzy with a huge Greddy sticker on its side. Honda Jazzy?

Need car guidance? Honda City Pininfarina Cabriolet

Need some guidance on your Honda City cabrio? Only one thing that keeps me away from this Pininfarina roof chopped Honda Jazz: knowing how much better looking the Honda City Turbo (and Turbo II) is… Honda City Turbo guidance on the next page…