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Carina Sightings: Ruslan’s Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse video

I found this awesome Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse video by accident on Youtube. The creator is called Ruslan and judging from the numberplates (correct me if I’m wrong here!) he is from the Ukraine.
Carina Sightings: Ruslan's Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse
The timelapse video shows you how to plough through Ukrainian traffic in a Toyota Carina AA60 coupe. What especially is nice about the video is that his coupe has the optional digital dashboard and you can see it function very nicely. It looks just as awesome (and 80s) as the digital dashboard on the AE86 and Celica XX/Celica Supra.

You can watch Ruslan’s Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse video below:

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Carina Sightings: Ukranian Carina CA60 rustoseum

Supra605 found this JDM Carina CA60 rustoseum parked somewhere in the Ukraine. It appears to be in a very poor state, flat tires, lots of dents, rusty bootlid. Still the fender mirrors appear to be as shiny as 30 years ago! :)

The sticker on the windshield reveals it was exported to the Ukraine around 1989 since it last had seen shaken in Showa 64 (1989).

Carina Sightings: Ukrainian Carina GT

Two weeks ago Andrew sent me a picture of his Carina GT and asked me if I was interested in more pictures and info regarding it. Of course I am! ;)
Ukrainian Carina GT AA60
Ukrainian Carina GT AA60

His Carina GT is a 3A-U powered GT model and was delivered originally to Krivoy Rog city in the Ukraine in 1982! I didn’t even know it was possible to buy anything else than Russian cars like the VAZ range. The 3A-U powered GT model is a bit puzzling, however the car has a GT cluster (with an oil pressure meter in the middle) and it was an export model so the designations could be different from the JDM badges.

When the first owner passed away the car remained in storage and was not abused untill his children were old enough to make some small damage at the front of the car:
Ukrainian Carina GT AA60
Ukrainian Carina GT AA60

The car was sold and eventually Andrew bought it in 2007.

The car is in immaculate condition and almost looks as if it was new:
Ukrainian Carina GT AA60
Ukrainian Carina GT AA60

However there is one modification made by Andrew: he moved the fender mirrors to the doors to improve visibility. I can imagine that: the fender mirrors are not well known for the area they cover to the rear. On the other hand: they are rare fender mirrors!

Here is another detail of when the car was imported:
Ukrainian Carina GT AA60
Ukrainian Carina GT AA60

Apparently the Hyogo Toyota dealer made a deal with the USSR to import a batch of Toyotas. Nice to see this car survived that long! :)

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