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Crazy 1JZ modified Carina TA60 in Pakistan – Carina Sightings

I happened to stumble across a TikTok video with a crazy modified Carina TA60, but I couldn’t find out who created it. That’s the issue with TikTok: you don’t really follow people, you just scroll random stuff that interests you. Today I finally found two videos of this crazy build on Youtube!

Crazy 1JZ powered Toyota Carina in Pakistan
Crazy 1JZ powered Toyota Carina in Pakistan

Crazy 1JZ powered Carina

The company in question is Sbc Modifier in Pakistan. They do crazy builds like crafting a Rolls Royce bodywork on top of a Toyota Corona, a Mustang with scissor doors on top of a Kia Spectre and a Dodge Challenger on top of a Datsun Sunny B210.

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Identifying the 1983 Okayama mystery Carina – Carina Sightings

A few days ago I experimented with the Waifu2x image scaler to identify a small car in the background of a Family Album Treasure AE86. Then I remembered I recently came across a black and white photo of a mystery Carina in Okayama. The photo is dated as Showa 58, which is 1983 and thus the Carina must have been brand new!

A Toyota Carina in Okayama in 1983
A Toyota Carina in Okayama in 1983

AI image upscalers

As you can see, due to the slight motion blur, the Carina does not have any readable badges to properly identify it. Also, the photo is a bit grainy, which also makes it difficult to read. So let’s try to improve things with various AI image upscalers and see if we can get anything readable from those!

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Carina Sightings: Ruslan’s Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse video

I found this awesome Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse video by accident on Youtube. The creator is called Ruslan and judging from the numberplates (correct me if I’m wrong here!) he is from the Ukraine.
Carina Sightings: Ruslan's Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse
The timelapse video shows you how to plough through Ukrainian traffic in a Toyota Carina AA60 coupe. What especially is nice about the video is that his coupe has the optional digital dashboard and you can see it function very nicely. It looks just as awesome (and 80s) as the digital dashboard on the AE86 and Celica XX/Celica Supra.

You can watch Ruslan’s Toyota Carina AA60 coupe timelapse video below:

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The Carina A6 in the Toyota Family Tree

A couple of days ago Japanese Nostalgic Car posted (yes I do read their blog occasionally) that because of their 75th anniversary Toyota created a big family tree of all models they created. Of course I immediately looked up the third generation Carina in it:
Carina A60 in the Toyota family tree
The nice thing is that they have a fairly good description on the timelines and model and it even includes what plat produced the car. The whole Carina lineup was produced in the Tsutsumi plant. They do mention the addition of the 1C diesel, 4T-GTE and 4A-GE engines but they forgot to add them to the specification sheet.

Another fun fact is that they set the release date to a specific date and in the case of the third generation Carina it was 7th of September 1981: coincidentally my dads birthday. ;)

Direct links to the model pages:
Carina A60 sedan (RA63/TA61/TA63/SA60/AA60)
Carina A60 coupe (RA63/TA61/TA63/SA60/AA60)
Carina A60 Surf (SA60)
Carina A60 van (TA67)

You can also view the original/initial catalogs, but later ones are not included. Links to the catalogs:
Carina A60 sedan and coupe (September 1981)
Carina A60 Surf (February 1982)
Carina A67 van (September 1981)

If you really want to reverse engineer you can actually access the scanned pages of the catalogs directly. These are the first page and last page of the first catalog. ;)

BTW: I just realized the old site got broken after the server upgrade a few months ago and the old content has disappeared. I’ll see if I can fix that. :)

Carina Sightings: Carina Jeune remains young!

For a very obvious reason the Carina Jeune attracted my attention when I first read the 1984 Carina brochure.
Toyota Carina SG Jeune AA60
Displayed on this picture it may look a bit dull to you and you are right: it is a dull car!

The car itself is in immaculate condition:
Toyota Carina SG Jeune AA60
But even from this angle it doesn’t get any better. It remains an immaculately dull looking car…

So why am I so overly excited over a dull car? My excitement is about this device called a back sonar: Continue reading

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