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Carina Sightings: dark-grey panda Carina sedan

Earlier this week I bumped into this dark-grey panda (at least, that’s what it looks for a colorblind person) Carina AA63 sedan:
Dark grey Carina AA63 sedan
I did spot a Carina GT-TR TA63 coupe in this color scheme before but never a Carina sedan, so I guess it must be quite unique. ;)

Found at Minkara


  1. Nigel

    Nice !!

  2. Eric Ah Lien

    I love reading your blog especially about nice toyotas and nissans. I own a CA67 Wagon my self and I love driving it to uni everyday.

    • banpei

      A CA67 wagon? Nice daily driver!
      Got any pictures of the wagon to share? :P

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