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Black Racing rims fitment and fuel pressure regulator – My Carina

This already happened a few weeks ago, but I have done some work on my Carina. The most important update was replacing the Celica Supra rims with a set of Black Racing rims. In addition to that, I finally installed a fuel pressure regulator to, hopefully, fix some rough idling of the 2T.

Fitting Black Racing rims (Watanabe knock offs) on my Carina TA60
Fitting Black Racing rims (Watanabe knock-offs) on my Carina TA60

Watanabe knock-offs

I refurbished these Watanabe knock-offs last year by sanding them down and painting them with a rattle can. I can’t say it’s perfect, but they do look heaps better than they used to. The black paint on them was fading and they were in desperate need of new tires.

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Carina Sightings: Flipfront hood Carina AA63 for sale!

Sorry to share it this late, but I only just spotted the Flipfront hood Carina AA63 for sale and the auction ends in the next 18 hours! So be quick!
Carina AA63 Flipfront hood for sale!
Even though it now features deep dished RS Watanabe rims instead of the even more rare Work Excel rims it is the same. Also the cancellation of the rear door handles makes it clear they are the same!

This photo really gives a good view on how the flipfront hood has been mounted: Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Yellow Carina GT AA63 that is NOT for sale!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this beautiful yellow Carina GT AA63 for sale on Auctions Yahoo:
Yellow Carina GT AA63 not for sale!
It looked so perfect, immaculate and I just wished I had the money to buy it and ship it to the other side of this planet. But this picture gets even better if you squint your eyes! :P

So when I translated the auction it stated this at the bottom:
Please stop the questions in English. We will not ship internationally, thank you.
Normally that is not a real problem if you use a man-in-the-middle like Hayatonka, so actually you can still consider it for sale!

Anyway, the strange thing about this car is that it is actually a late GT: Continue reading

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