This Toyota Carina AA63 GT-R was actually a corner case: either post it in Carina Sightings or in WTF?!
Toyota Carina AA63 flipfront hood
At first glance the car lowered significantly, features a set of Work Excel rims, rollcage and bucketseats have been installed and the grille is missing. But what is so special about this Carina?

Just have a look at the way the hood opens:
Toyota Carina flipfront hood
According to the owner the hood, fenders and trunk are all FRP and to make it a bit more special it now opens the other way around as a flipfront hood!

To make the list complete, the Carina also includes a well tuned engine: 4AGE with forged pistons, 288 cams and solex carbs. Awesome!

Found at Second Stage SS