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Auctions Yahoo: complete Carina KA67 front for grabs!

It is a very rare occasion to see Carina KA67 van headlights for sale at Auctions Yahoo, or even including a matching Corona YT140 taxi grille.
Carina KA67 headlights and Corona YT140 grille
These headlights are the normal type headlights, so no HID replacement like the last one.

Is there any difference between the YT140 grille and the KA67 grille?
Carina KA67 headlights and Corona YT140 grille
Almost no: they are equal in width, height and have the same number of louvers. The difference is the placement of the emblem: on the KA67 it is placed on the right lower side while the YT140 has a centered emblem. Doesn’t make much difference to me I guess. ;)

Carina KA67 headlights and Corona YT140 grille
Anyway, the set is complete including brackets and side markers and for a mere 8000 yen (100 US dollar) a nicely priced item!

You can find the auction here: KA67 headlights at Auctions Yahoo


  1. U.E.G.Dayarathna

    Pls send me your details abou Carina KA67 parts, I want to buy front and rear buffer and front grill with light set. Thank you. [email protected]

  2. sujith

    I won’t a Carina kà67 wagon headlight dream and full unite please replai soon

  3. geeth

    Plz i have carina ka67. Front signal light.set you nubr send me. (my nubr .94715736452)

  4. lombe mutono

    Hi I am interested in the grille and headlights as well as dashboard for the Toyota coronation yt140. Please email me on [email protected]

    • banpei

      I’m sorry, but I can’t arrange this auction for you. If you are in need of someone getting it for you I’d recommend using a Yahoo Auctions purchaser like From Japan, Rinkya or Buyee.

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