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Auctions Yahoo: Carina van round headlights

Spotted this auction of a full set of Carina van TA67 round headlights yesterday on Auctions Yahoo:
Carina van TA67 headlights on Auctions Yahoo
Not only does it include the round headlights and its surroundings, but it also includes the grille. The headlights have been converted with clear lenses and are able to carry H4 (type 4) bulbs or an HID replacement! Ideal to transfer your Carina van (or normal Carina) into a Firevan replica!

This is how it looks on the seller’s Carina:
Carina van TA67 headlights on Auctions Yahoo
I’m already after the “normal” quad headlights but maybe one of you is interested in this set!

You can find the auction here: Carina van round headlights


  1. Nalinda

    please let me know the price of the set?

    • banpei

      It has been on Auctions Yahoo in January, so I don’t think it is for sale anymore…

  2. chilugya chisenga

    please let me know if you still have the set in stock

  3. banpei

    Hi Chilugya,

    We don’t keep these items in stock as it is a link to an auction of someone else.
    Unfortunately the action has ended over two and a half years ago, so if you seek the item you should be searching Auctions Yahoo for it.

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