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Auctions Yahoo: Carina van round headlights

Spotted this auction of a full set of Carina van TA67 round headlights yesterday on Auctions Yahoo:
Carina van TA67 headlights on Auctions Yahoo
Not only does it include the round headlights and its surroundings, but it also includes the grille. The headlights have been converted with clear lenses and are able to carry H4 (type 4) bulbs or an HID replacement! Ideal to transfer your Carina van (or normal Carina) into a Firevan replica!

This is how it looks on the seller’s Carina: Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Slammed Carina AA63 sedan

Okay, it may not be as ground scraping as the Carina firevan, but it surely is lowered a lot compared to normal Carinas (like the one right next to it):
Slammed Carina AA63 sedan
Slammed Carina AA63 sedan

In some way it made me think of the sedan version of the Carina firevan: both slammed, deep dish rims and of course its red color… On the other hand this one is a bit over the top: a set of fender flares and a big beacon light on the roof.

It looks like the car had a clear headlight conversion as well, so at night it will probably look real mean! If I would live in a RHD country I would definitely gotten such a set for mine!

Unfortunately I don’t have anymore pictures nor info on this Carina than this. The picture was taken by one of my favorite Japanese blogs ( zenswd ) on a meeting but he didn’t give much more info than this.

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