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Carina Sightings: Tomica Limited Vintage

A few weeks ago I bought this Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 on impulse and yesterday it finally got shipped (actually they forced shipment because it was too long in the warehouse) so I searched for it on Minkara. To my surprise I found there actually were two versions of them:
Tomica Limited Vintage Carina GT-R
A white and a yellow Carina? I only got the yellow Carina, so now I need to find a white one as well! :(

A better shot of that lovely pair:
Tomica Limited Vintage Carina GT-R

Found at LEVIN falcon page @ Minkara


  1. carina finn

    i have a that white version :) i founded it by accident and i guess it actually made me paint my real carina white also :D

    • banpei

      LOL! :D
      What color did your Carina used to be?

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