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Japanse Autosport Festival: the odd stuff

I’m still not done yet with the Japanse Autosport Festival: there is still some odd stuff lying around. ;)

First of all Ibrahim and I spotted this terrific Toyota MR2 AW11 parked opposite of my Carina in the parkinglot:
Toyota MR2 AW11 at JAF2012
Only to find out a couple of hours later (when it passed by the place the S13 had overheated again) that this very same car used to belong to 7Tune blogger Allard van der Grafhorst who immediately recognized it!

I have to verified it with the originals and it is the same white MR2 as I spotted two years ago. Obviously there are some differences compared to when Allard owned it:
Toyota MR2 AW11 at JAF2012
First of all you clearly can see it has different wheels and sideskirts fitted.

Another oddity was this Nissan 200SX RS13:
Ziptied Nissan 200SX
You ask yourself why it was an oddity? Well simply because it was the only ziptied car in the whole event! I think stickerbombs will get out of fashion in similar way.

And what about this Fujiwara Tofu sticker on red???
Fujiwara Tofu?

A red 200SX that is!
Kyusha Nissan 200SX
With those black wheels the 200SX is almost red panda but still no cigar: the Fujiwara Tofu car should be white on black. However when I did leave the event the driver of this 200SX wedged himself between me and the 240SX in front of me and performing a small drift at the same time. I guess the driver really identified himself with Takumi. ;)

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  1. Nigel

    Lots of cool cars, I have to go to the US to see this many Japanese cars at once.
    Thanks for posting the pics.

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