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Japanse Autosport Festival: the hachi-rokus

This year there were six hachis on the paddock! It has been doubled within only one year!

First of all Ibrahims hachi was part of the group I joined:
Two of a kind: AE86 hatchbacks
Next to his hachi is a yellow hachi on Victorian plates. Bozu lived in Australia for a few years and decided to ship his hachi to the Netherlands. AFAIK it has Dutch plates, but these plates were one of the coolest you can get!

His zenki hachi is in an excellent shape:
Toyota Corolla AE86

Toyota Corolla AE86

Then after strolling on the paddock for over an hour I found this hachi parked next to it:
Robokills AE86
That’s Robokill’s hachi in colorcode 8A9 which was driven to the event by Aram (who also uses it as a daily driver)

Aram did put its own stamp upon by adding some decals all over the bodywork:
Robokills AE86
And now including a Bosozoku Style tsurikawa. ;)

So what about the other three hachis?
Well I forgot to take pictures of them. I know: it is a terrible shame and now you have to miss out on Okamis drifter, Vincents lowered purple 3SGE BEAMS and Tims daily red panda. I’ll make it up next year when we will try to be there as AEU86. :)

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  1. Aram.

    Would be nice to have a group of classics there.
    Also some guys from abroad.

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