Yesterday in a blink of an eye I spotted some old cars parked in what looked like an old dealership. So I parked the car around the block and headed back, and this is what I spotted:
DOTS: Fiat Dealership

A lot of old historic Fiats were all parked inside an old Fiat dealership. The cars I spotted were: a Fiat visitor bus designed by Bertone, Fiat 128 Coupe, Fiat Dino coupe 2400, Fiat Dino spider, Fiat 130, Fiat 125 and in the back many many more:

At the back of the dealership there was a gas station, so I hopped in and asked the cashier what the deal with the car was. He explained to me the owner of the Fiat dealership moved to a different commercial area but kept his old dealership to show (and share) his collection with the rest of the world. He gave me a tip on what dates I could meet the owner and get more info on the cars. So let’s hope my path crosses his somewhere in the future. ;)

I’m terribly sorry on the quality of the video: it shakes, blurs and the sound is aweful. I shot it with my phone camera as I don’t have any other video device.

Some corrections on the video: the car I mentioned to be manufactured by FSO (aka Polski Fiat) and the car in question is the Fiat 125. Under the Carrozzeria Allemano Torino cover there may be hiding a Fiat 2300-S Coupe, or at least judging from the shape of the cover… The big van is a Fiat visitor bus designed by Bertone and it looks like it just spawned to real life from the famous Michel Vaillant comics.

BTW: If you need more pictutes/videos of a car in there, just let me know as I will be in that neighborhood quite regularly.

Direct link to video: Down on the Street: many old historic Fiats