Carina Sightings: the yellow zokusha!

People knowing me well enough also know I love kaido racers/zokushas and all sorts of other bizarre creation from Japan. So I actually was quite happy to see this in one of the kaido racer videos:
Yellow Carina AA63 zokusha
Yes, that is indeed a yellow Carina AA63 with (fake?) oil cooiler up front and lowered on a set of SSR Mk II rims (or are those Techno Shadows? Can’t see it too clearly!). πŸ™‚

It even gives a good welcome when arriving at the spot by doing a bit of revving:

And in this video you can actually see it in action doing donuts on the circuit:

Direct link to videos: 2012ζ΅œγƒγƒ£γƒ³γ€€γƒŽγƒ³γ‚Ήγƒͺ6, 2012ζ΅œγƒγƒ£γƒ³γ€€θ‘—ι“γƒ¬γƒΌγ‚΅γƒΌγƒ‘γƒ¬γƒΌγƒ‰η΅‚δΊ†3