Yesterday Jalopnik posted that two people deferred British advertisement for the Toyota GT86 (aka the Toyota 86 or Scion FR-S) because it contained wild driving. What? Just two people complaining can stop an advertisment being broadcasted?

Jalopnik called it Brazil like and that is somewhat true if you have watched Terry Gilliam’s movie…
Toyota Grand Theft 86
…however I do think Toyota was aiming for a much more pressing world: the world of Grand Theft Auto!

The advertisement was already announced in August, going viral and spread like wildfire around the globe. And now three months later a committee decided a virtual advertisement is not allowed to be aired? What world are they living in?

Just for the record, compare it to the first GTA 5 trailer:

Feels exactly the same, right?
Now were the guys from Rockstar involved? I don’t know but it surely feels like they did!

Direct link to video: TOYOTA GT86: The Real Deal Advert – Full Version.