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Is the owner of this Toyota GT86 a disabled driver? – Down on the Street

We all have a stereotypical view of disabled drivers and this Toyota GT86 doesn’t fit in that view! I had the same thing about 13 years ago with a Subaru Impreza GT Turbo, which turned out to be a genuine disabled person. I have met a fellow AE86 owner who also genuinely drives around with a disabled driver’s permit. So why don’t people with sportscars fit this view we have about disabled drivers?

I personally think it has to do with the prejudice we have on disabled people: they have difficulty getting in and out of cars and have difficulty walking at all. However, this view is wrong. Very wrong! Some disabled drivers actually don’t have the issue of getting in- and out of the car and walk perfectly straight, but have difficulty managing distance. Hence they do need the disabled driver’s permit. So what about this Toyota GT86? I spotted it driving towards the disabled parking area near the local city centre. Naturally, I followed it and watched the driver exit the GT86 and walk towards the city centre. I quickly took one photo from where it parked:

Toyota GT86 parked in the disabled parking area
Toyota GT86 parked in the disabled parking area

A funny detail: the Toyota Estima I featured three weeks ago was parked on the third floor in the parking garage above the store in front of the GT86. But I digress…

I crossed the street to take another photo from the other side. After crossing the street, I wasn’t able to take another photo as pedestrians were flocking the sidewalk and I had to wait about 15 to 20 seconds for them to pass. Then, even before I could take a photo, these two walked up to the car:

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TAS 2013: Life sized Choro Q Toyota 86

Tokyo Auto Salon always has the great or weird things at display. I already read from several sources that if there is one thing that has been dominating the Auto Salon this year it has to be the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ. (or Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S)
Life sized Toyota TRD 86 at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013
I guess this life sized Choro Q Toyota TRD 86 is no exception to this rule. ;)

Via Minkara

Commercial time: Grand Theft 86!

Yesterday Jalopnik posted that two people deferred British advertisement for the Toyota GT86 (aka the Toyota 86 or Scion FR-S) because it contained wild driving. What? Just two people complaining can stop an advertisment being broadcasted?

Jalopnik called it Brazil like and that is somewhat true if you have watched Terry Gilliam’s movie…
Toyota Grand Theft 86
…however I do think Toyota was aiming for a much more pressing world: the world of Grand Theft Auto! Continue reading

Count the 86-es!

Nori Yaro just posted this awesome video up on Youtube where about 150 AE86-es and Toyota 86-es are mixed together on a two lap parade on Fuji Speedway (FISCO) held on the 6th of August this year.
Count the AE86-es and Toyota 86-es
It is a good thing Alexi put a couple of fast-forwards in the video!

And at the end of the video there is a small Toyota 86 bonus: Continue reading

ITT2012: Bunta and Takumi

The Dutch Toyota importer Louwman has been neglecting their heritage and clubs for the past decade. With the launch of the Toyota GT86 (aka Toyota 86 and Scion FR-S) they decided to change that and asked the TACN if they could join in and put the Toyota GT86 on display during the festival. They also has some sort of social media contest (which IMO was rubbish and did not do) where you could “win” 4 rounds on the Midlands circuit in Lelystad. It was still a nice gesture.

Near the end of the day one of the AEU86 members went home and parked his kouki panda red Corolla GT AE86 next to its siblings:
ITT: Father and son
I immediately walked over and shot a couple of pictures of father and son next to each other. ;)

Quickly popped in my 28mm lens to make the angle wider: Continue reading

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