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ITT2012: Bunta and Takumi

The Dutch Toyota importer Louwman has been neglecting their heritage and clubs for the past decade. With the launch of the Toyota GT86 (aka Toyota 86 and Scion FR-S) they decided to change that and asked the TACN if they could join in and put the Toyota GT86 on display during the festival. They also has some sort of social media contest (which IMO was rubbish and did not do) where you could “win” 4 rounds on the Midlands circuit in Lelystad. It was still a nice gesture.

Near the end of the day one of the AEU86 members went home and parked his kouki panda red Corolla GT AE86 next to its siblings:
ITT: Father and son
I immediately walked over and shot a couple of pictures of father and son next to each other. ;)

Quickly popped in my 28mm lens to make the angle wider:
ITT: Father and sons
And shot father and sons together. I gave Roel a thumbs up and he left the scene right after.

Thanks again Roel for the opportunaty! :)



    That’s an acurate title considering bunta drove a subie.

  2. Nigel

    Cool picture !!

  3. that4AGsound

    The awesomeness levels! They’re over 9000(rpm)!!!

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