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DOTS: Sheepish Porsche 911

Last week I spent a couple of days in Berlin. Of course I hoped to spot some nice JDM tin but the most interesting Japanese car I found was a rusty Corolla Liftback AE90. Either the Germans love their own cars so much that they don’t buy anything but Porsche, Mercedes or BMW, or it could have been that the center of Berlin (Charlottenburg and Mitte) are only occupied by the rich and famous.

Personally, given this example found in the street of my hotel, I think it was the latter:
Sheepish 911 (actually a 997)
Sheepish 911 (997 model)

Apparently owning a Porsche 911 (996997 model) is not enough anymore, but also a vanity plate with 911 in it is needed! The plate bleats 911 all over it. Would that have been on purpose? This 996997 isn’t particular a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 😉

DOTS: Polish Carina TA60

Okay, I have to admit: I cheated here… I did not spot this Carina at all. Instead David emailed some days ago me he has an extensive Toyota collection including a good looking Carina TA60:
Polish Carina TA60
Polish Carina TA60

So I cheated a bit to keep the DOTS in the Carina Week theme. 🙁

Polish Carina TA60
Polish Carina TA60

David’s Carina is a 1983 2T powered Carina with a manual gearbox.
And the good news: David’s Carina is for sale for only 700 euros! A bargain!
Drop me an email if you want to get in touch with him!

Family Album Treasures: take the Carina Wagon or Yamaha SRX for a spin

Now this is a tough choice: shall I take this Carina wagon or Yamaha SRX for a spin?
Take the Yamaha SRX or Carina Wagon for a spin
Take the Yamaha SRX or Carina Wagon for a spin

Even though most sane people would say the Yamaha I would personally prefer the Carina wagon above it. 😉
Sidenotes: according to the source the round headlights were swapped for the quad square types. The rims are PG type Racingforg rims.

Found at [Minkara]

BTW: Merry Christmas! 🙂

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