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Carina TA60 with cut springs, coilovers and TRD Tosco – Carina sightings

Some time ago somebody forwarded me the Carina TA60 owned by Premium Shitbox on Instagram. I really love the way they fixed up the Carina and lowered it.

Premium Shitbox's Toyota Carina TA60
Premium Shitbox’s Toyota Carina TA60

They picked up this bone stock 1982 Toyota Carina DX TA60 in Germany. Apart from the body colour, this Carina is 100% the same as mine: same brown/tan interior, seatbelts on all five seating positions and an A40 automatic gearbox.

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Count the centercaps!

Zeppann13J is known for his extensive collection of deep dished vintage rims. But what more can such a collection offer?
Zeppann13J's centercap collection
A gigantic collection of centercaps of course! So how many different can you count here? 😉

As you can see the picture stops somewhere in the middle, so here is the other half of the collection:
Zeppann13J's centercap collection
Amazing! They are all there: SSR, SSR Longchamp XR4 Equip, Hart Racing, Gallop Racing, you name it and he’s got it!

Found at Zeppann’s blog

WTF: Trampio Trueno AE86 replica?

This is a real WTF?! In my brains the words Trampio and Levin are connected like fire and smoke, so how come this Trueno is featuring the Trampio livery then?
Trampio Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica
First of all the Trampio Levin AE86 never featured the N2 flares since it never competed in the N2 series, so it can’t be the original.

Second of all there was no Trampio Trueno AE86, only the Levin… Continue reading

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