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Bali: Ford Laser (Mazda Familia) on Longchamps

On one of my tours around Bali somewhere between Uluwatu and Kuta I came across this Ford Laser (aka Mazda Familia or Mazda 323) on a set of SSR Longchamp XR4 rims!
Ford Laser / Mazda Familia (323) on Longchamps
Ford Laser / Mazda Familia (323) on Longchamps

So I stopped and made a couple of pictures.
To be honest: this was the very first time I ever saw these babies in real life! They were even more beautiful than seen on pictures. ;)


  1. Michael

    They’re not Longchamps, Art. ‘champs are 6 spokes. I forget their name just at the moment but I’ll try remember to find out for you. :)

  2. Michael

    I’m not sure the name but I did find some available on YAJ;

  3. banpei

    You are right: did not realize that they were six spoke…
    At least we know now that they are Enkei and that gives a hint to see in what direction to find the name…

  4. Kid Karola

    Enkei Mosport (or Apache?) The Group.A Advan Levin AE86 #25 that Keiichi Tsuchiya drove in 1985 (Inter TEC) had these rims!

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