One of the first things I noticed in Bali were the ubiquitous Toyota Kijang minivans driving around. One small detail of the Kijang drew my attention immediately: the headlights!
Toyota Kijang KF42 with Crown S120 headlights
Toyota Kijang KF42 with Crown S120 headlights

Recognize them already?
Indeed: they are recycled from the Toyota Crown S120 series!

On another one I found this GTV Executive sticker:
Toyota Kijang KF42 with GTV Executive sticker
Toyota Kijang KF42 with GTV Executive sticker

No idea if it is genuine, but if so then this must have been the sporty version of the Kijang…

  1. Yanky Mate says:

    I Think KIJANG means a deer in Indonesia

    While in our country here in Philippines we have also a version of KIJANG but it is called TOYOTA TAMARAW. Tamaraw means Dwarf Buffalo

  2. banpei says:

    Thanks! That explains the deer emblem on some of them!
    After two and a half weeks of exposure I’ve grown used to them already. Too bad they are all RHD: would have been a hoot to drive them back in the Netherlands. 🙂

  3. szett says:

    i think the GTV is not a sporty version…it’s just some other body version (or feature version)for kijang. So many version build by local body manufacturer for kijang in indonesia beside the original version from indonesian toyota.

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