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The Mazda 323F that wants to be a Fujiwara Tofu-ten Eunos Astina – AE86 Wall of Shame

What? Wait! The Eunos 100, Mazda Familia Astina and Mazda 323F aren’t an AE86! So why is this entry part of the AE86 Wall of Shame? Well, hear me out! I found this 323F for sale on the German classifieds site Kleinanzeichen with the text “JDM, no AE86”. Yet if you squint your eyes, you will recognize it as the Fujiwara Tofu-ten. But does it deserve an entry in the AE86 Wall of Shame then?

This Mazda 323F really wants to be a five door Fujiwara Tofu-ten
This Mazda 323F really wants to be a five door Fujiwara Tofu-ten

323F or Familia Astina or Eunos 100?

The Mazda Familia Astina is a Japanese Domestic Market car that was also sold as the Eunos 100. Outside of Japan, the Mazda Familia was sold as the Mazda 323. Naturally, the Familia Astina was sold as the 323F to make it stand out and yet still hold ties to the 323 family name. Yes, that’s confusing yet clear at the same time!

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Family Album Treasures: Mitsubishi Cordia on vacation

I scanned this photo from my fathers family album, so it is literally a Family Album Treasure. ;)
The photo features my father and my brother standing in front of a Mitsubishi Cordia at our first stop somewhere in Belgium:
Family Album Treasures: my father with a Mitsubishi Cordia
As the driver side door is open you may think the Cordia is actually my father’s, but then you were tricked by the photo. The car in front of it (a white Peugeot 304 station) and its trailer both are actually my father’s. You can also find a Mazda 323 (Familia) sedan in the background and behind that something that resembles the rear end of a Toyota Celica TA40.

My father sold the Peugeot in the winter of 1985 and traded it in for a 1984 Toyota Carina wagon. I think this photo was taken in the summer of 1985 when we traveled to France with the Peugeot and the trailer. Presumably I took the photo as only the three of us went on holiday. So this really is a family album treasure. ;)

Hilarious: Toyota Celica Supra Mk2 parking fail

While doing some research on the Toyota Celica Supra mk2 (aka Toyota Celica XX in Japan) I found this hilarious photo:
Toyota Celica Supra Mk II MA61 parking fail
There is a Toyota Celica Supra mk2 P-Type parked on top of the last model Mazda Protegé (aka Mazda 323 and Mazda Familia) sedan in a typical parking lot. It is clearly a face-lifted P-type (Performance type) Celica Supra as it features the dished 7 inch wide Celica Supra wheels, the overfenders and the wraparound front indicators. It could be a MA61 or MA67 (sources differ on this matter) but it clearly is (or was) a mint Toyota Celica Supra mk2.

Now what went wrong here? Did the owner just confuse the pedals? Or did he/she try to conquer the Mazda ProtegĂ©? Or did he/she tried to park sideways? We’ll probably never know…

Found at: Failblog

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