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WTF: Trampio Trueno AE86 replica?

This is a real WTF?! In my brains the words Trampio and Levin are connected like fire and smoke, so how come this Trueno is featuring the Trampio livery then?
Trampio Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica
First of all the Trampio Levin AE86 never featured the N2 flares since it never competed in the N2 series, so it can’t be the original.

Second of all there was no Trampio Trueno AE86, only the Levin…
Trampio Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica
Third of all the livery is different than the original that was used on the Levin.

So what’t the conclusion then?
Trampio Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica
It is a very well done kaido racer inspired by the Trampio Levin AE86.

Found at Minimo 32


  1. Kid Karola

    I love the Trampio Levin Group A livery!

  2. Kid Karola

    “Trampio Trueno” is just as cool as a homage ;’)

    • banpei

      Indeed! I just wonder why Tramio chose the Levin over the Trueno… Looks much better IMO. :P

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