Carina Sightings: red Carina TA63 @ JCCA NYM 2012

February 8, 2012 in carina sightings

Ben R managed to find me a picture of the red Carina TA63 at the JCCA New Year Meeting 2012:
Red Carina TA63 at JCCA NYM 2012
I love the 63 licenseplate!

It also enabled me to track down the owner: it is the Carina GT Turbo I posted before. Apart from driving around in the Carina TA63 he is also singing a lot in his videos. You can find “his blog here

Photo originally from Flickr and hattip to Ben R!

Carina Sightings: Early Carina GT twincam turbo

November 9, 2011 in Carina sightings

I was a bit surprised to see the design of this early Carina GT-T TA63: the added black border (hardly can call it a pinstripe) above the black side mouldings with the twincam turbo on it.
1982 carina gt ta63

Looks a bit weird to me because the later versions also feature a banner, but the banner is placed under the side moulding. See also this late Carina GT-TR coupe at Flyrat: Read the rest of this entry →

Ove Andersson and his TA64 Toyota Celica

June 26, 2010 in TA64

This cool video shows how Ove Andersson’s driving is being monitored in the 4T-GTE Twincam Turbo Celica by the TRD engineers in the early 80s. Simple setups with rubberbands and pullys, a single registration unit… Back in those days state of the art technique!

I love it how easy and relaxed Ove is driving: full throttle, steering madly and driving on the edge wearing nothing more than a tiny helmet, a pair of sunglasses, a polo and shorts. And that 4T-GTE sound! Awesome!!