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Commercial Time: Honda Ballade becomes a ball of dances

The Honda Ballade was a loaded subject between Honda and Rover. Honda helped out British Leyland in the early 1980s by allowing BL to build the Honda Ballade locally and sell it as the Triumph Acclaim. When the second generation was due in 1983, the Ballade was redesigned and based upon the same platform as the third generation Honda Civic. However, the rebadged version wasn’t an Acclaim. It now was sold as the Rover 200.

The Rover 200 was actually a Honda Ballade
The Rover 200 was actually 96% Honda Ballade
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Widebody Honda CRX Mk II ED9 [Down on the Street]

This widebody Honda CRX Mk II ED9 has been featured two and a half years ago in the down on the street photo series.
Honda Civic Mk2 Widebody second time
Back then it looked like the build was relatively new and I shot a few photos of it. I even made an attempt to shoot a video Wasabi Cars style, but as it was winter the lack of ambient light made it look horrible. And then it disappeared and probably went back to Poland.


You can imagine how happy I was to see the CRX again, and this time even closer to my home. Continue reading

Friday Video: The very first Best Motoring video!

Back in December 1987 the very first issue of Best Motoring video became available. The video was a monthly magazine containing not only car news and reviews but also extensive how-to’s on subjects of mastering cornering or drifting. KaKo posted this video in four separate parts:
Best Motoring first video: Mitsubishi HSR Concept
The first video covers the Nissan MID-4 II, Toyota FXV-Ⅱ and Mitsubishi HSR concept cars. Followed by a short video (in sepia) about the Tokyo Motor Show from the 50s till 80s including the 27th motorshow that just happened days before the release of the video. And last part of the first video covers an extensive test between various cars including the new (second generation) CR-X Si and the Nissan Skyline GTS-X R31.

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Down on the Street: Honda CRX mk2 widebody

A few years ago I stumbled upon a Honda CRX mk2 (EG2/4/6) on about every street corner, but stumbling upon one nowadays is actually quite rare. So imagine how happy I was stumbling upon this one:

A Honda CRX mk2 with massively widened body work and deep dished Gotti rims!

Attached to the hatch there is the ubiquitous CRX spoiler you see on everyone of them but with the widened bodywork it doesn’t hurt at all: Continue reading

Picture of the week: Honda CRX marshall car

It is one of these things: a car manufacturer likes to boast their car is used as the official marshall car at a very well known circuit. Back in the 90s Honda did not make an exception by promoting the Honda CRX as the official Suzuka marshall car:
Honda CRX Marshall car Suzuka
Honda added a bodykit and a set of Work Meisters.

But it gets even better when you actually find a photo taken up close in 19941992:
Honda CRX Marshall car Suzuka

Found at: Minkara

WW Kick-off 2013: the ubiquitous Nissan Skylines

I remember meetings where once a Nissan Skyline entered the place it immediately drew all attention because seeing one was so rare! Nowadays it is actually the opposite: nobody turns their heads anymore and “exotics” like a Silvia S15 tend to gather crowds of people.

It is actually a bit of a shame as this Skyline was rather interesting:
Wangan Warriors: Nissan Skyline BNCR33 by Hasemi
It looks like your average Skyline R33 GTST with a ridiculously oversized intercooler, but if you get closer…

…you will spot this interesting tuner badge: Continue reading

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